TJ Fortuna

Hi, I'm from Santa Barbara, Ca. and lived a true central California upbringing. I started off being active by surfing, skating, hiking and anything else that allowed me to use my energy. I eventually began working in the field that became my life, Personal Fitness. After realizing personal fitness wasn't only for the body but the mind, I began to look in to the holistic lifestyle and eventually became a coach in holistic ways. I'm here to help people who are going through a lot of stress live their fullest protentional by teaching them how to eat, exercise, and reduce stress allowing them to adjust their lifestyle to have more energy. Lets work together to start your journey to a better life.



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Certified Personal Trainer -National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Licensed Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach Lvl 2 - CHEK Institute 

Licensed Golf Performance Coach - CHEK Institute

Certified Practitioner - HeartMath Institute 

Meet my 4 Doctors

DR. Diet

  • Eat organic, whole foods, as few steps farm-to-table
  • Eat right for your Primal Pattern
  • Drink half bodyweight in ounces of water


DR. Quiet

  • Get sleep by 10p
  • Make time for daily reflections, prayer, and meditation.
  • Practice healthy breathing habits


DR. Happiness

  • Understand and realize you highest dream.
  • Develop compassionate communication and the sacred listing skills.
  • Practice self-love rituals and techniques.

DR. Movement

  • Strengthen Core
  • Blance posture
  • Learn when to Work In vs Work Out
  • Practice Primal Pattern Movements